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Sundays With DrLuc

This is a new series of 10 lectures which will come available during 2nd half of 2019. 

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Other courses from Dr Luc are

The following courses are already available:

  • Course: Advanced Posology in Homeopathy
  • Course: The Homeopathic Approach to Autism 1 (Intra-Uterine Questions)
  • Course: The Homeopathic Approach to Autism 2 (Advanced Case Analysis)

Read all about these courses below.

TCourse: Advanced Posology in Homeopathy


Approved by ACHENA (USA) and NWP, NVKH, NOKH (Netherlands) for 15 hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development) (Nascholing), you will receive 3 months to complete the course.
The price may vary a little per country but will be around 125 Euro

Go to this course on Vimeo.com
Download full description

A magnificent course that will solve your confusion about potency and dose.
Understand the 5th and 6th edition posology of Hahnemann. Magnificent teaching by Dr. Luc De Schepper.
Dr. Luc discusses in this course Hahnemann’s advanced methods of posology according to the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon. It is also called: The Split Dose Method or The Watery Solutions.
The course consists of lectures, a live-recorded patient example with case analysis; quiz questions (optional) and a summary document with a few optional assignments.
In total the course consists of approximately 12 hours of video lectures and optional* 3 hours for the quiz questions and final assignments. The course moderator will be there to assist you with any questions.
(*For the full Achena CPD credit / NVKH nascholing you need to do the quiz questions & assignments).

Worldwide confusionIn homeopathy there is worldwide a big misunderstanding about “the dose” .Many schools still teach that the only important issue is to find the simillimum remedy, and that the dose does not matter: Just give 1, 2 or 3 granules dry! Contrary to this belief Hahnemann found out that it is not only the right remedy that matters, but also:
– The right Potency, – The right Frequency, – The right Amount

Live Case example


The course includes a full live-recorded case example with case analysis and follow up. The case analysis by Dr. Luc offers you a great opportunity to learn from his approach to case analysis.

Interactive & course moderator


This is an interactive course with a course moderator and has been approved by ACHENA for 15 CPD (continued professional development) hours / post graduate with successful completion of course assignments and quizes.
To receive the quiz questions, assignments and other course material per email please contact the course moderator.

View the course trailer on Vimeo.com


Have a look at the trailor video on vimeo.com and read the course description.
If you view the course sections you will see it consists of 34 section of around 20 minutes.
You receive 3-months viewing time, which is more than enough to go through the course at the moments you are free, in the evenings, weekends.
You will also save traveling time and costs when you decide for this e-learning course.

Ample time to complete the course


This course was previously available via ‘Homeoversity’ (discontinued). The course has now been updated and has become more interactive, with a personal moderator always available to assist you. You will have 3 months to complete the course.
If you decide to purchase the course, then dont remember to çontact the course moderator

Full course description


Download here the full course description for Advanced Posology.

DrLucs courses donates 10% to the Homeopathic Research Institute.
Will you also help and give a donation!?


View this interesting interview and support the HRI


Course: A Homeopathic Approach to Autism 1


Approved by ACHENA (USA) and NWP, NVKH, NOKH (Netherlands) for  8 hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development) (Nascholing). You will receive 1 month to complete the course.
The price may vary a little per country but will be around 79 Euro

Go to this course on Vimeo.com

Download full description both for Autism 1 & 2

Worldwide there has been an increase in the occurrence of autism (ADD, ADS etc.) that one can almost speak of an ‘epidemic’.

Dr. Luc discusses in this course A Homeopathic Approach to Autism how events during pregnancy can cause autism in the child. He teaches you how to question the mother and how to apply case analysis to find the curative remedy.

In course part 1, the focus is on the following topics:
Introduction to Autism, Challenged Children, Intrauterine Questions, Live-recorded case example with analyses & follow-ups.

Live case


This course includes a live-recorded case with long term follow-ups, which show a complete cure of the child – he has now grown into a healthy young adult. These courses are accepted as post graduate training hours (CPD credits).

The course is interactive with a helpful course moderator and come with course documents, optional quiz questions, a final summary and a certificate. This is again an absolutely magnificent course by Dr. Luc !

View the course trailer on Vimeo.com


View the trailer at vimeo.com

The course consists of 20 sections of around 20 minutes.
If you do the assignments it counts for 8 hours CPD.


Download full course description


Download here the full course description for both Autism 1 & 2.

Course: A Homeopathic Approach to Autism 2  - Advanced Case Analysis


Approved by ACHENA (USA) and NWP, NVKH, NOKH (Netherlands) for 12,5 hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development) (Nascholing). You will receive 3 months to complete the course.
The price may vary a little per country but will be around 138 Euro

Go to this course on Vimeo.com

Download full description both for Autism 1&2

In this course part 2 the focus is on:

- More case examples
- Advanced case analysis for challenged children
- Advanced case analysis in general (for all type of cases)
- Intra-uterine questions
- A live-recorded case example with analyses & follow-ups

This course includes more example cases and an in depth discussion of Advanced Case Analysis which can be applied not only to autism, but to all cases of challenged children. The Advanced Case Analysis by Dr Luc can also be called Dr. Luc’s Core Delusion method – 9 Steps to the simillimum.

View the course trailer on Vimeo.com


View the trailer at vimeo.com

The course consists of 20 sections of around 20 minutes.
If you do the assignments it counts for 8 hours CPD.

Download full course description


Download here the full course description for both Autism 1 & 2.

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TEST AREA - not in use


Question: How can I compare the trenth of a dry dose to a watery solution (dissolved dose)?

Question: If you give a dry dose, lets say a 200K, will this be stronger or weaker then when a dissolved in lets say a 125ml cup.
DrLuc: Yes it might seem illogic, but a dose in water is always stronger than a dry dose, and will have less similar aggravation then a dry dose. So, dry doses will give more aggravation, they are less strong and les penetrating. All this is very well explained and backed up with research and quotations from the sources in my book Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum, (in much more detail then in Hahnemann Revisited).

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