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Question: How as a medical doctor, trained in Belgium, did you become interested in Homeopathy?

Question: Can you tell something about how it is that a medical doctor, trained in Belgium, breaks out of conventional medicine first to Acupuncture, then to homeopathy, and now uses exclusively homeopathy with the 5th and 6th edition method of posology?
DrLuc: It took me only two months out of medical school to realize that “conventional” allopathic medicine was not going to be my cup of tea. As was the custom for every practitioner, I replaced a physician on vacation for 14 days. I saw the same patients on Mondays, another set on Tuesdays, the next set on Wednesdays, etc. While I appreciated the closeness with people during these house calls, I realized I was just prescribing their usual medications, taking their blood pressure and for the rest I was a welcome social diversion.
Doomed with the prospect of falling into mental inertia, I went to a book store in Belgium, looked up alternative modalities, and was on my way the next month to the Netherlands to the Dutch Doctor’s Acupuncture Society, a three year course in Amsterdam.
Since I was equally close to Paris, my tubercular nature drove me to Paris at the same time to follow the French school. The rest is history. Already exposed to homeopathy at that time, I have never stopped studying even up till today.
I was disappointed initially with what I could learn in other homeopathic schools. This encouraged me to follow my own path and study the old masters (in Ann Harbor, MI), reviewing thousands of pages of the old journals. This was my real education.
In 1993 I founded my own school, RICH. Regarding homeopathic education in the US, homeopathy has to struggle against much misconception and the usual allopathic suppression. As long as homeopathy is not a “recognized profession,” homeopathy is obstructed in its progress. Homeopathy must follow the lead of the acupuncture schools, but even they had to fight for a long time and are not considered a threat to the pharmaceutical companies as homeopathy is.
I am afraid that the struggle will remain and that the idea of creating a 4 year homeopathic school in this country that is part of the Medical Board of Assurance will remain a pipe dream. It has been tried many times before, but for many different reasons always remained unsuccessful. Such schools can only be created in countries like India and South Africa.
I would like to encourage students of homeopathy one main thing: be faithful first to Hahnemann’s teachings and always build on his principles. Second: in order to become a good practitioner (which you Owe to the patient), you will have to study countless hours of homeopathy. If you want to become a master in anything, studiousness, perseverance, honesty and love for that profession are indispensable!

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